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Thriving In Recovery

“The bravest sight in all the world is a woman beating the odds”- Author Unknown



Here at USARA, we believe in celebrating recovery accomplishments and sharing these powerful messages as a beacon of hope that WE DO RECOVER! As such, we would be remiss if we did not celebrate and share a message of hope from one of our very own recovery leaders. Please join us as we congratulate this years OUTSTANDING WOMAN in RECOVERY, Ms. Ali Shelly!

On May, 4th, 2017, Ali  was honored at the VOA 15th Annual, I REMEMBER MOMMA event, where she was publicly awarded and acknowledged for the powerful impact she has made within the recovery community.  Ali is one of the most passionate advocates in the recovery community and has made a tremendous impact on our through sharing her message of hope and dedicating countless hours of service to others. Ali is a priceless asset to the recovery community and we are so fortunate to have her in our lives and on our team! We couldn’t be more proud to share in this honor with her!

Ali has been vital in the growth of USARA and the supports offered to peers in addiction recovery. In 2016, Ali served a vital role in securing funding to expand USARA’s Recovery Community Center and development of the Recovery Leadership Initiative (RLI), which launched January 2017. In Late 2016, Ali accepted a position with USARA as Manager of the RLI  Team. The USARA RLI Program is now a fully functional and a thriving program within the Addiction Recovery Community.One of the most remarkable traits Ali possesses is her ability to motivate and mobilize individuals in recovery. She offers hope by sharing her own lived experience as a woman in recovery who has overcome insurmountable odds. Through her perseverance and commitment, she has continually shown herself and others, nothing is impossible.


Ali’s story is more than just someone who beat the odds of overcoming addiction. While there is hope in that message alone, it is how she thrives in recovery that truly inspires us. And better still, the message of humanity, service, and love. For all that Ali has overcame and accomplished, she has done even more still for those who still suffer. Her service to others is one of her most remarkable and honorable traits.

Ali’s lived experience and willingness to share her story with others is an example to all of us that OUR STORIES HAVE POWER and WE DO RECOVER. Now we are asking all of you to follow Ali’s example and share your story! Sharing your story does more than just offer hope to those who may still be suffering in addiction. Effective messaging helps to eliminate shame and secrecy, challenge deeply rooted social stigmas, and facilitate a positive conversation about addiction and recovery in our community.  Help us bring hope that Recovery IS Possible! Click the Share your story link and share your story with us today!

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