Recovery Community Centers

USARA operates 5 Recovery Community Centers (RCC) across the state of Utah, all of which are peer and volunteer operated and serve as local resource hubs for community-based recovery support.

Our RCC’s welcome all pathways to recovery and supports individuals ranging from new to long term recovery, their families and friends.

What We Provide

  • Positive relationships and business/social networking
  • Peer coaching, mentoring and leadership
  • Peer-to-peer support services and activities
  • Recovery support and education for friends and family members
  • Support to become a peer leader within the community

Who We Serve

  • People in recovery from substance use
  • People using substances who are seeking help
  • Family members and friends who love someone who has a substance use disorder
  • Allies such as clinicians, community and government agencies, SUD and mental health treatment organizations, health care providers, employers and businesses, community advocates, etc.