Employment – USARA

Peer Recovery Coach, Salt Lake City (Full-time)

A USARA Peer Recovery Coach (PRC) is a non-clinical, Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPSS), working under Clinical Supervision from the Director of Recovery Support Services. PRC’s work together with other PRC team members to further USARA’s mission and provide direct Recovery Support Services for individuals with Substance Use Disorder (SUD), at any stage within the Recovery Continuum of Care. The primary role of the PRC is to utilize their knowledge, skills & own lived-experience in recovery to promote a shared understanding & engage individuals seeking Recovery Support Services. Additionally, PRC’s are responsible for engaging Participants in the Recovery Community Center, encouraging involvement in Recovery Leadership development, Mutual Aid Recovery groups, & recovery community activities and events.  Apply here.

Peer Expungement Specialist (Part-time)

A USARA Peer Expungement Specialist is a non-clinical, Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPSS), working under supervision from the Development Director.  Peer Expungement Specialists will work in partnership with other USARA team members and Utah’s Clean Slate coalition to provide direct expungement navigation and support to individuals who need assistance with criminal record clearance. The primary role of the Peer Expungement Specialist is to use their knowledge, training, skills & own lived-experience in recovery to provide support and encouragement to people with records, help them understand Utah’s Expungement process and their potential eligibility for relief, navigate next steps, and obtain a criminal record expungement, wherever possible.  Apply here.

Peer Recovery Coach in Healthcare & Emergency Settings, Salt Lake City (Full-time)

Provide peer recovery coaching to individuals who have made contact with a healthcare setting due to opioid overdose or are at high risk for opioid dependency. Possess the ability to use active listening to allow for participants self-identified level of recovery, wellness and/or independence. Link participants to recovery resources and treatment. Provide education on overdose, prevention, and naloxone administration. Provide additional resources to participant and family members. Follow up contact with individuals after discharging from facility. Complete recovery management plan with individuals to assist in goal setting and steps to achieve success. Accurately document each encounter to meet grant requirements. Apply here.