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Moab (Grand County) Recovery Community Center

Since coming to the beautiful city of Moab in 2014, we at USARA – Moab have established two weekly mutual self help groups that honor and support those in all stages of recovery. We offer one-on-one coaching in which we help individuals find their own pathway to recovery while utilizing various skills and tools learned from programs like Seeking Safety and Smart Recovery. We also offer a support group for families and loved ones of those with a substance use disorder in the form of CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training). Along with individual and family support, we host family friendly activities monthly, community clean-ups, and so much more.
We currently have one full-time and one part-time peer recovery coach operating out of the Four Corners Behavioral Health Building at 198 E Center St. We at USARA – Moab have built relationships and connections with multiple agencies in our community over the years, which has helped make it possible for us to provide the variety of support and resources we now have available. We believe that recovery is a personal journey and that every pathway and voice deserves to be heard, supported, and celebrated. Connect with us below!


Lanette Denton

Peer Recovery Coach

(435) 210-0952

Heidi Fuger

Peer Recovery Coach

(435) 241-8076

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