Located at the base of the Red Hills, in the center of downtown is USARA St. George.  USARA St. George began providing Recovery Support Services (RSS) to the residents of Washington County in April 2018. The Heritage Corner Building at 113 East 200 North Ste. #1 is where the magic of support happens.  

USARA-St. George has developed partnerships with numerous organizations. Switchpoint Community Resource Center, Southwest Utah Public Health Department, Family Healthcare, Southwest Behavioral Health Center, City & county law enforcement, local treatment facilities, and many others. As a result of these partnerships, USARA is able to provide participants with a diverse selection of local resources. 

USARA St. George provides family-friendly recovery activities monthly. Recent activities have included paint night, movie night, dinner and game night, and service projects. USARA has also joined with our partners to hold International Overdose Awareness Day, Southwest Utah Recovery Day, and other recovery events that bring awareness to our community.

Peer Recovery Coaches (PRC) are individuals in long term recovery, that provide recovery support services. PRC’s work with individuals with substance-use and mental-health disorders. Our Coaches meet individuals exactly where they are in their recovery.  PRC’s support participants in setting and achieving goals by working with their recovery capital. PRC’s also support people with self-advocacy, empowerment, and finding purpose. The support of a PRC is beneficial in assisting participants in building a community of support by offering a wide variety of mutual aid support groups including All-pathways recovery meeting, Recovery Dharma, Safety & Wellness, SMART, 12-step groups, and CRAFT Family Support groups.


Marcie Gray

Program Manager

(435) 319-8800 x204

Marcie Gray, a woman in long term recovery, is blessed with a clear passion for recovery and desire to help others get what she’s got. Beginning on May 4th, 2002 (May the 4th be with you) Marcie began her personal journey to wellness with spirituality as her anchor and cornerstone. Her number one job is being a mom, followed by by being a devoted wife, and an advocate for recovery. She enjoys boating on Lake Powell, where she gets her spiritual mojo replenished, and uses her passion and skills for understanding to be an empathetic ear for those starting to engage recovery.

Ben Martinez

Peer Recovery Coach

(435) 319-8800 x202

Benjamin “Ben” Martinez is a person in long-term recovery and has been since Christmas day 2014. Ben has been a Recovery Coach with his Certified Peer Support Specialist certification since 2016, and came on board to USARA in July of 2018. Starting his Substance Use Disorder and his subsequent recovery relatively young in life, Ben hopes to inspire other young people (and people of all ages) to find the joys, excitement, and full life that recovery offers. Ben is passionate about recovery and uses his story to help others see the potential in themselves to overcome their own barriers in life.

A Saint George native, Ben enjoys all the wonder that Southern Utah has to offer. He enjoys hiking, climbing, and camping in the natural beauty that surrounds Saint George. He is also passionate about live music and comedy, and can be found at a live show from Vegas to SLC on any given weekend. Ben’s biggest joy in life would be his dog, if his landlord would let him have one.

Crystal Randall

Peer Recovery Coach

(435) 319-8800 x205

Crystal began her recovery journey in February 2016. She is a proud graduate of Family and Adult Recovery Courts. She has overcome her legal issues as well as the different placements of her 7 children. She has a passion for women coming into recovery, especially mothers who are facing the barriers of getting their children back and for them to know that it is possible and that they don’t have to do it alone. She has been a peer mentor for the Southwest Behavioral Health Center and Recovery Courts for over 2 years before coming to USARA as a Peer Recovery Coach in July 2019. She enjoys spending time with her children and getting to rewrite her family’s future.

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