Recovery Voices Count!

Your vote matters! Make sure you’re registered to vote in order to make recovery voices heard through our elected officials, both locally and nationally.

Information for Utah Voters

What if I don't register to vote by the deadline?

That’s okay! If you haven’t registered to vote by Oct. 23, 2020, you can still vote in person at an early voting location or an Election Day voting location with two forms of identification.

You can find the accepted ID’s here.

Can I vote by mail?

Yes! COVID concerns don’t have to stop you from voting. Utah is primarily a vote by mail state, meaning all active registered voters in Utah are mailed a ballot for the General Election (regardless of party affiliation or if you requested one). Ballots begin being mailed October 13.

Do I need a stamp for my ballot?

Nope! While some counties offer prepaid postage, the ones that don’t will still take your ballot via a drop box or you can simply put it in the mail without postage and your ballot will still be counted.

View drop box locations for your county here.

How do I find out more about the candidates?

You can type in your address here to find out more about the candidates running for this year’s General Election.