2024 Utah Legislative Session

Part of our advocacy mission at USARA is to get people in recovery more involved in legislative issues that impact them and people like them. We invite you to take a look through the constantly evolving list of bills during the legislature that could potentially impact people in recovery.

The 2024 General Session of the Utah State Legislature starts on January 16, 2024 and ends on March 1, 2024. This page is automatically updated in real time; however, for the most up to date, accurate, and official information please visit the Utah State Legislature’s website at https://le.utah.gov/

Who represents you in the Utah State Legislature? Use this page to find out! You will have one State Senator and one State Representative.

Is there a bill in the Legislature that is missing from this page? Is there a feature or information you’d like us to add? Email Evan at edone@myusara.com and let him know!