“Recovery, Recover Me” by USARA Peer Recovery Coach, Bluesette Ossana – USARA

“Recovery, Recover Me” by USARA Peer Recovery Coach, Bluesette Ossana

“Recovery, Recover Me” by USARA Peer Recovery Coach, Bluesette Ossana

Bluesette Poem

Blusette Ossana, a USARA Peer Recovery Coach, wrote the poem below. She says “The powerful connections created by you sharing your lived experience is one of the most amazing things that had a huge impact in my recovery. Before I became a Certified Peer Support Specialist for USARA, I was a Peer Section Lead in the Excell Program at the Utah State Prison that experience inspired this poem. I believe with all my heart that we can all help each other be our best selves.”

Recovery, Recover Me

by Bluesette Ossana

Recovery, recover me
Who do I see, who do I want to be
I will be free
Dare to see who would be
If you could only see yourself
For who you could be

Overthrow your addiction
Don’t get stuck in the undertow
Dragging you down
To the ground
To be ground down until there is nothing left but
The sound
Of your voice saying
No more, please no more
And I say to you
Get up and put your feet on the floor
Here, here is my hand
I will help you stand
I have been there on the floor
I used to reside there but
I don’t anymore
So get up! Stand up!
I am here to show up and share with you

That you can be free
If you believe you can
I believe you can
Because believe me man
I understand
You have got to loosen your tongue
And unlock your heart
Let it out….let it flow
All that hurt and pain
It’s a beginning it’s a start
All that shit that has built up
Let it out…..let it go
All it did was tear you apart

Create a plan and follow through
Take each step…take a DEEP breath
These changes are long overdue
Because it’s okay to be a healthy, happy you
I am in Recovery and I have recovered me
So now you see…..you too can be free!