Crowdfunding Recovery Support Services: Holding a Successful Facebook Fundraiser – USARA

Crowdfunding Recovery Support Services: Holding a Successful Facebook Fundraiser

Crowdfunding Recovery Support Services: Holding a Successful Facebook Fundraiser

Facebook Fundraiser

Thank you for your interest in supporting USARA through a Facebook fundraiser. The majority of our individual online contributions now come from people, like you, hosting a fundraiser online. We’ve created some tips to get you started. Please feel free to send a message to our Facebook Page if you have any questions or would like some guidance in the process.

Create Your Fundraiser

Log in to Facebook and go here to get started. On this page, select “Nonprofit,” and then search for “USARA – Utah Support Advocates for Recovery Awareness.”

On the following page, you’ll be asked to set a fundraising goal and an end date for your fundraiser. Select an amount that you feel is a reasonable amount to raise within your network of Facebook contacts in the time allowed. In many cases, setting a higher goal will achieve better results if people feel compelled to help you meet it.

Next, you’ll be asked to create a title for your fundraiser and for a short narrative about why you are raising money. This is an opportunity for you to both creatively express yourself and tell a compelling story about why you support USARA. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Make it personal. How has USARA made an impact in your life? Sharing personal stories resonates more with family and friends and can inspire them.
  • Tell a story. Our stories have power. A story that elicits emotion is more memorable and will be more likely to be supported.
  • Use a conversational tone. Include the reader in your ask with words like, “you,” “us,” “we,” and “together.”
  • Keep it brief. You have a short window of attention span with an audience on social media. Breaking up long paragraphs into shorter ones can help.

Finally, you’ll be prompted to pick a cover photo. While using the default is perfectly acceptable, a personal picture will get more interest. A picture of yourself or your family thriving in recovery can be particularly powerful here.

Keep Up the Momentum

Invite as many people as you feel comfortable who may be willing to donate. You can periodically share the fundraiser to your page to remind folks of what you’re doing. Feel free to invite people to donate to your fundraiser through as many avenues as you can: using Facebook messenger, emails, other social media networks, texts and/or phone calls, etc.

Post updates to your fundraiser page as appropriate. You can include updates on progress to your goal, additional information about why USARA is important to you, or anything else you feel might remind people of why they should give.

Thank Your Donors

It’s important to show your appreciation to individuals that support your fundraiser. At the very least, be sure to thank each donor as a comment on their donation on your fundraiser page. Sometimes a more personal touch could be advantageous. As a best practice, the method by which you asked them to donate should be the method by which you thank them (personal email, phone call, text message, etc.)