Announcement: USARA is the Recipient of the BRSS TACS Health Reform Grant – USARA

Announcement: USARA is the Recipient of the BRSS TACS Health Reform Grant

Announcement: USARA is the Recipient of the BRSS TACS Health Reform Grant

USARA is pleased to announce we are a recipient of a BRSS TACS grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA), for the education on the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA was signed into law by President Obama in March of 2010 which brought a wealth of change to health care system.

USARA’s Health Care Project for Utah’s Recovery Community

The purpose of this project is to educate and empower individuals in all stages of recovery from addiction recovery about the ACA and access to new healthcare options.  USARA works to educate those in the recovery community about these complex and complicated health care issues. The BRSS TACS grant allows us to fulfill  our mission to advocate for the recovery community.

USARA’s Health Care Storybank Channel: Click here!

Share-Your-Story-300x202In the next few months, USARA will be gathering and collecting personal stories about access and barrier to health care. Through interviews and videos we intend to use these stories as a way to advocate about the impact that uninsured Utah’s with substance use disorders experience.

These stories will be featured on USARA’s Health Care Storybank Channel on YouTube, which will be launched in July. USARA has joined Utah’s advocacy organizations and had contact with  legislators who are all working on a solution for access to health care through the Governor’s Healthy Utah Plan (formally called Medicaid Expansion).

It is vital that the citizens of Utah recognize the role they can play in having a voice about the change needed in Utah’s health care system.  For too long, people with SUDs, who are uninsured, have had long waits for addiction/behavioral health treatment and little to no access to medical prevention or follow up care. If you would like to share your personal story about this priorty Utah issue, please contact Arielle Spanvill at

USARA’s Health Care Blog:  usarahealthblog

USARA is excited about launching a Health Care Blog to inform the recovery community about the current health care news in Utah and the possiblity for all Utahns to have health care insurance.

There is important education to be followed about the ACA, HUP, and parity “Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act”. Education about these issues changes the way we look at health care.

USARA’s Health Care Blog will be filled with helpful tips on how to incorporate all around wellness, information on why this is a vital and often missed dimension in the continuing care needed to maintain long term recovery. We will be spotlighting resources in the community from local clinics, dentists and other programs and agencies who understand the struggles of people in recovery.

USARA’s Health Care Survey: 

takeoursurvey USARA’s Health Care Survey is a key component of our grant project as we collect valuable information about access to health care, or lack of, for people with SUDs.   We want to identify the benefits that people experience as well as the problems they’ve had in trying to access health care.  The survey is short and simple, and should take 5-7 minutes to complete. The survey is completely anonymous and the data collected will help us address issues and advocate for health care access.  This survey will be the first data  specifically collected about health care for people with addiction in Utah. Your participation is not only important, it is greatly appreciated.  Take the survey now: USARA’s Health Care Survey

USARA is partnering with Utah Health Policy Project. UHPP is a nonpartisan, 501-C-3 non-SpeakUp2profit organization whose vision is for a health care system that provides medically necessary care to all Utah residents in a timely, efficient, and culturally effective manner with sustainable financing.

UHPP’s website is full of resources and information that is meant to guide all of us through the twists and turns that is health care reform. They have been the leaders in advocacy work for Governor Herbert’s Healthy Utah.

For more information contact Arielle Spanvill, Project Manager at