Unfortunately, it is really common for a person in recovery to have a criminal record, and that makes it difficult for someone to rent an apartment, get a job, and rebuild their life.

That is why we believe expungement is part of recovery. Clearing criminal records can help you reclaim your life, realize your potential, and clear the stigma of your past.

USARA is partnering with Rasa Legal to start a Second Chance fund to help cover the government fees for criminal record expungement.

This allows us to accept tax-deductible donations to help cover the cost of government fees related to expungement, so the representation can be truly free.

Please help us help the recovery community by donating to the Second Chance Fund to sponsor people to have their criminal records expunged.

Government fees are $280 per case, so we need to raise over $20,000 just to cover the cost of government fees for September.  Help us make a bigger impact by donating to the Second Chance Fund today!

Second Chance Fund


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