Take your RECOVERY to the NEXT LEVEL

RLI Recovery Skills Training

Recovery Leadership Initiative

Become a LEADER in Recovery! 


Are you PASSIONATE about serving your PEERS but unsure where to get the TRAINING you need? Take the INITIATIVE today by attending our RECOVERY LEADERSHIP INITIATIVE COURSES.

The Recovery Leadership Initiative Courses are covered over an 11 week span, with a new topic every week. The courses are designed to helped educate, guide, and inspire members of the recovery community to discover their individual pathways to long-term recovery and peer recovery leadership.

By attending these courses you will build a comprehensive and unique skill base, better preparing you for a future as a RECOVERY LEADER! All sessions are open to the community, with no enrollment or cost required. You can pick and choose specific course to attend, or attend the entire series!

Recovery Leadership Course Schedule

Week 1- USARA Overview & The Anonymous People film screening

Week 2- Sustaining Long Term Recovery: Personal Mission Statement

Week 3- Achieving Goals & Overcoming Barriers

Week 4- Mapping Your Future: Career Pathways

Week 5- Self Advocacy & Beyond

Week 6- Personal Message Training

Week 7- Policy Message Training

Week 8- Utah Recovery Community Resources

Week 9- Positive Recovery Vocabulary & Addiction Medical Model

Week 10- The Role of Service: Peer to Peer in the Community

Week 11- Round Table Discussion: What Does ‘All Pathways’ mean?

Courses are offered Tuesdays from 6pm-8pm and Saturdays from 11am-1pm @ USARA. Courses are also offered on a continuum basis. Come to USARA and get started on your future today! If you have any questions about the series, please feel free to contact USARA at 385.210.0320.