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How-to: Hide Alcohol Ads on Facebook & Instagram

How-to: Hide Alcohol Ads on Facebook & Instagram

In a country where the usage of alcohol is legal and culturally normalized, it can seem as though advertising for alcohol is everywhere. This can feel burdensome for some people newly entering recovery (and some in long-term recovery) who choose to abstain from alcohol use.

Increasingly, marketers of alcoholic beverages use social media content platforms like Facebook to advertise their products to the public. Research conducted at Michigan State University suggests that the more people engaged with alcohol-related content on Facebook, the greater their chances were of wanting to drink. Fortunately, Facebook allows its users to hide alcohol ads across their platforms which include Facebook, Instagram, and websites that utilize the Facebook Audience Network.

Hide Alcohol Ads on Facebook

Step 1

While logged into Facebook, visit the page for your Ad Preferences which can be found here.

Step 2

Under the heading “Hide Ad Topics,” you can select hiding advertisements for alcohol for 6 months, 1 year, or permanently.

Facebook Ad Preferences - Hide Alcohol Ads

This same page also allows you adjust other settings related to advertising on Facebook. You can learn more about the Facebook advertising network here.

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