Our Staff – USARA

Administrative Staff

Mary Jo McMillen

Executive Director

(385)210-0320 x102

Mary Jo has been in long-term recovery from alcohol and drug addiction since September 1985. She has been a Licensed Substance Use Disorder Counselor in Utah since 1988, working in multiple agencies and a continuum of treatment services.

In 2007, Mary Jo joined a grass roots effort to establish the Board of Directors for USARA, Utah’s first Addiction Recovery Community and Advocacy Organization. In 2010, Mary Jo became USARA’s Executive Director and in 2011 USARA opened Utah’s first peer run Recovery Community Center in Salt Lake County.

Mary Jo’s passion vision is to create a collaborative network of community partners to help grow USARA and the recovery community both in Utah and nationally. She values the tremendous contribution from volunteers that support USARA and assist others in finding their own personal recovery.

Javier Alegre

Development & Communications Director

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Javier joined the USARA team in April of 2016 as Director of Development and Communications. He holds a College degree in Business Administration and the fall of 2017, he graduated from the Nonprofit Academy of Excellence Program at the University of Utah.

Javier has worked in the nonprofit sector for more than 15 years, in various roles and positions and for many diverse organizations. He feels passionately about being of service to others, his community and has committed his professional life to this purpose.
Javier moved to Utah in 1991 and lives in Salt Lake City. He is an active member of the Utah Recovery Community, and is the proud father of Nikko Alegre, a 10+ year old Schnoodle (miniature Schnauzer/Poodle) puppy that roams free and greets all visitors at USARA.

Lisa Walker

Recovery Support Services Director

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Lisa Walker holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Utah which she completed in 2014. She brings her experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker to provide supervision and support to USARA’s Recovery Leadership Initiative and Addiction Recovery Management teams. Lisa has been in long-term recovery since December of 2005 and has passionately worked in various behavioral health settings over the last decade. She uniquely understands the barriers to becoming fully self-supportive after her personal battle of active addiction. She credits supportive services within the community to her long-term success. Lisa enthusiastically brings leadership and advocacy qualities to USARA that she has garnered through life experience and higher education. Lisa’s mission in life is to show others that recovery is possible by continuing to show support, advocate for and empower individuals seeking recovery. Lisa is most proud of her husband and two children who have thrived right alongside her and been her biggest cheerleaders.

Evan Done

Community Outreach & Empowerment Coordinator

(385)210-0320 x110

Evan Done began as a volunteer at USARA in 2015 and has extensive experience in the non-profit sector. Originally a systems administrator and programmer by trade, he has used his wide array of information technology skills to assist non-profit, social service, and public policy organizations to further their mission and heighten their impact.

Evan is a person in long-term recovery from both a substance use and mood disorder and has been on USARA’s staff since April 2017. With over ten years of experience in social justice advocacy, he is dedicated to creating a more equitable and sustainable world.

Salt Lake County Staff

Addiction Recovery Management for Families (ARM) Staff

Trevor Cook

Peer Recovery Coach

(385)210-0320 x109

Trevor’s addiction started at the age of 12 when he started taking diet pills, which lead him into an eating disorder. He was a “non-discriminating addict” by the time he was 15 with cocaine as his substance of choice until he was introduced to meth. His later years included alcohol, opiates, spice, and bath salts. 17 years of using, multiple treatment programs, and a volunteered 31 months in Drug Court made him into the person he is today. He was the 2016 Recovery Ambassador for Utah, and is a full time single father of 3. He has been a Dad for 12 years, and a father for 4, and he owes this to recovery. Being in long term recovery means he hasn’t had a drink or drug in his body since Jan 5th, 2013.

Becca Brown

Peer Recovery Coach

(385)210-0320 x108

Becca Brown has been with USARA since early 2015, and serves as the Lead Peer Recovery Coach for the Addiction Recovery Management for Families Program. Prior to joining USARA, Becca dedicated over 15 years in the Social Services sector, cultivating a specialty in Career & Life Coaching for individuals with significant disadvantages. What she most enjoys in life are adventures with her husband, children, and furry son, Yoshi. Her most treasured moments are spent supporting her children and watching them thrive! Becca is also a woman in long-term recovery, beginning her journey September 16, 2008. At the time, all she wanted was to stay sober and be the mother her children deserved. Through recovery support services, she built a firm foundation of discovery and growth. In the recovery community she gained a sense of belonging and purpose. As a result of these simple actions, Becca far exceeded any goal she set for herself when she began her recovery journey. Today, she is determined to give those struggling with addiction that same investment that was offered to her.

Rebecka Roberts

Peer Recovery Coach

(385)210-0320 x114

Rebecka Roberts is a person in long term recovery. What that means to her is that she has not taken any mind altering substances since April 15, 2013. After a 27 year battle with both drugs and alcohol, Rebecka turned her life around with help from Summit County Drug Court. Rebecka feels extremely grateful to work at USARA as a Peer Recovery Coach where she now can utilize her lived experience to better serve her peers. The greatest gift recovery has afforded her is the ability to be emotionally and physically available to her five children and grandchild, as well as the opportunity to explore her passion of sharing the message of hope recovery provides.

In August of 2017, Rebecka joined the USARA’s Addiction Recovery Management for Families team. Through her role at USARA, she is now serving as a SMART Recovery Facilitator for Wasatch Drug Court Group at the Wasatch County Jail. USARA has also made it possible for Rebecka to explore a multitude of recovery pathways to strengthen her recovery toolbox. Now that she has found a new home at USARA, Rebecka hopes to continue to expand her knowledge and skill-base, with the hope of giving anyone who seeks recovery the same chance at a new life that she was given.

Recovery Leadership Initiative (RLI) Staff

Evan Fields

Peer Recovery Coach

(385)210-0320 x107

Evan is in long term recovery from drugs and alcohol. He is a proud graduate of family dependency drug court in 2014, a full time single dad of a 4 year old boy, and passionate about helping families. Evan loves hunting, fly fishing, riding his horses, and anything outdoors. He is a trained SMART recovery facilitator.

Bluesette Ossana

Peer Recovery Coach

(385)210-0320 x104

Bluesette Ossana joined USARA as a Peer Recovery Coach on the Recovery Leadership Initiative team. Bluesette personally understands the devastating effects of substance use disorder from her own struggles, as well as the loss of her daughter to heroin. Bluesette is extremely grateful to be in recovery since 2013, which has given her the tools to overcome her own addiction and set an example for her children and peers. She is passionate about all pathways to recovery and enjoys her life with energy and laughter. Bluesette has gratitude for her family, friends, freedom and the connections made in sharing her experiences with others. Bluesette enjoys swimming, reading novels, finding new jokes, going to movies, hanging with her kids and connecting with others in recovery. “The greatest gift one can give is to be of service.”

Nicole (Nicki) Salama

Peer Recovery Coach

(385)210-0320 x106

Nicole is a woman in long-term recovery that has a passion for helping her peers navigate challenges and celebrate successes on their road to recovery. She started her own journey on August 2013. Since then, she has had the pleasure of working with hundreds of people in early recovery. She enjoys spending time with her family and rock hounding. She has been a CPSS since August 2016 and is currently in college.

Addiction Recovery Coaching in Healthcare & Emergency Settings (ARCHES) Staff

Sabra Nelson

ARCHES Project Coordinator

(385)210-0320 x116

Sabra recently joined USARA as the, Project Coordinator for the Addiction Recovery Coaching in Healthcare & Emergency Settings (ARCHES) program, focusing on health care settings. She is an individual in long term recovery. For her this means on June 3, 2009 she chose to change her lifestyle involving the abuse of substances to one without. Eight years later she has yet to turn back to that destructive way of living. Along with her personal journey in recovery, Sabra has a Bachelor’s of Science in Clinical Psychology from Westminster College and 15years of experience working in various social work settings including VOA Adult Detox, Youth Care of Utah, YWCA, and the Pingree School for Autistic Children. Sabra is a proud parent of two wonderful children and takes pride in being present, both emotionally and physically, for them every day. Sabra aspires to combine her love of serving vulnerable populations with her love of animals by training and utilizing a therapy animal to enhance her advocacy work.

Courtney Averett

Peer Recovery Coach

(385)210-0320 x119

Courtney recently joined USARA as a peer recovery coach focusing on health care settings. She is a woman in long term recovery. Recovery began for her on July 27, 2011. This day brought the first spark of hope. Six years later, that day signifies the beginning of life.

Courtney is actively working on a degree in social work. The pain of the past has paved the way for the future.  Skills in navigating resources that are available to those within the recovery community to help people find the motivation, preparation and desire and the ability to get the help they need and embrace the recovery path that fits each individual. Building networks and advocating for anyone still bound by the chains of addiction. Constantly striving to learn how to better serve the next addict in recovery.

Through her personal experiences and helping other addicts in recovery she has gained vast knowledge and experience working with the SUD and Mental health community. Courtney has been a single mom to seven children with a recent edition of her first grandchild her family as well as friends that are family help her maintain balance and wellness in what has become an extremely blessed life.

Riley Drage

Peer Recovery Coach

(385)210-0320 x115

Riley is a person in long-term recovery who began his journey in recovery on November 11, 2015 in Seattle, Washington at the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center. Prior to working at USARA, he was employed at the Volunteers of America Adult Detox facility as the jail diversion program lead. One of the most important things in Riley’s life is giving back to people with substance use disorders as so many others did for him as he started his recovery journey. His favorite hobbies include snowboarding, fishing, and golfing.

CRAFT Family Support

Darlene Schultz

Family Support Facilitator

Darlene holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Utah and taught first grade for 35 years, yet her extensive knowledge of addiction and recovery came from lived experience of family members that struggled with substance misuse. She began her journey with USARA as a participant in the CRAFT family support group in 2010. Since then, she has been trained by the originator and author of the CRAFT model and now facilitates a weekly CRAFT group at USARA to educate families on motivational strategies for interacting with their loved ones who struggle with a substance use disorder. As a trainer herself, she holds workshops for those interested in facilitation of the CRAFT model for family support and is striving to develop CRAFT family groups in counties throughout Utah. Darlene works hard to help families find support, resources and recovery.

Darlene is a wife, mother, and a proud Grandma to two very special kids. She lost her son, Adam, to an overdose in 2012, yet continues to change the hearts and minds of people with negative perception toward substance use disorders. She has proven herself to USARA through her deep sense of purpose and commitment to the CRAFT Family Support Group.

Jan Lovett

Family Support Facilitator

John Garbett

CRAFT Certified Clinician

John tries to be known for good storytelling, exceeding expectations and helping others succeed.

30+ years of film, television and digital media projects for global audiences at the Walt Disney Company, Amblin Entertainment, Time/Warner AOL, MCA-Universal, DreamWorks SKG, MGM/UA, independent production companies and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church).

As an agent of change John helped lay the foundation for significant organizational development, increasing the relevance and viability of number of private and public organizations.

Kristin Garbett

Family Support Facilitator

Honorary Staff

Nikko Alegre

Recovery Mascot


Nico is a puppy in long-term recovery.

Moab / Grand County Staff

Tara WIlder

Peer Recovery Coach Mentor

Lanette Denton

Peer Recovery Coach

(435)259-6131 x443

St. George / Southwest Utah Staff

Cody Matheson

Recovery Community Center Director

(435) 383-3049

Cody Matheson is a person in long term recovery that began his journey at age 11 when he started using marijuana. It didn’t take long before the cycle of using, treatment, relapse, and back to using dominated his life. With 5 treatment tries starting at 13, the chances for recovery seemed pretty bleak, but at 25 the 6th one clicked. Since June 6th, 1998; Cody has been a Recovery Warrior! “I believe being in recovery and walking the streets of my home town is the most important thing in recovery I’ll ever do.” Cody’s desire is to help people find their path to recovery. “There are many roads to recovery, and everyone has their own, find what works and do it.” Cody is married to his best friend, doing his best to be a parental unit, and is a musical conundrum.

Marcie Gray

Peer Recovery Coach

(435) 668-1388

Marcie Gray, a woman in long term recovery, is blessed with a clear passion for recovery and desire to help others get what she’s got. Beginning on May 4th, 2002 (May the 4th be with you) Marcie began her personal journey to wellness with spirituality as her anchor and cornerstone. Her number one job is being a mom, followed by by being a devoted wife, and an advocate for recovery. She enjoys boating on Lake Powell, where she gets her spiritual mojo replenished, and uses her passion and skills for understanding to be an empathetic ear for those starting to engage recovery.