USARA operates Utah’s first Recovery Community Center (RCC) in Salt Lake County.

Our RCC is managed by a small staff and many volunteers. It is the hub for all our work with peers and our efforts within the community. It is an open place where individuals ranging from new to long term recovery and their families can have access to resources, socialization, support, and skill-building. The RCC also provides a setting to become a peer volunteer and assist those who are seeking recovery. The RCC creates an atmosphere of hope, wellness, and care for better living in recovery.

The RCC provides the following services:

  • Positive relationships and business/social networking (link to skill-building groups)
  • Peer coaching, mentoring, and leadership (link to peer coaching)
  • Peer-to-peer support services and activities (link to TRS)
  • Recovery support and education for friends and family members (link to Family Support Group)
  • Addiction Recovery Management program (link to ARM)
  • Sponsorship to become a peer leader within the community (link to Peer Leadership Initiative)